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The NeuroCognitive Memory Search (NCMS) modeling framework is a MATLAB-based toolbox to allow neuroscientists to develop and test theories regarding the functional properties of neural signals recorded during memory search paradigms. This software resource facilitates the specification of hypotheses linking neural signals to cognitive operations or cognitive representations in a computational model. NCMS supports statistical techniques for model assessment and model comparison, allowing the end user to test the validity of neural linking hypotheses.


Download the latest release here: NCMS Toolbox v1.0 (zip)


Download a demonstration here: Demonstration using Kragel et al. (2015)

This demonstration shows how the NCMS toolbox was used to allow model parameters to vary according to normalized fMRI BOLD responses recorded from participants during a free-recall task, as reported by Kragel et al., (2015).

NOTE: This demonstration requires the use of the Behavioral Toolbox, available from the Computational Memory Lab at the University of Pennsylvania.